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    Our company has been making ceiling fan motors since opening, and we have also expanded our products with other components according to the market trend.

    In order to boost the growth of technology of our company, we have been researching and developing various metalloids (made of iron, aluminum system, stainless steel) ,the ramming formation ,and mold manufacture for thirty years.


    The growth of our enterprise is unlimited. We serve our customers with loyalty, quality, accountability, and service. In addition, we move forward with employees who endeavor, ponder, transform, and innovate. With the principles of pursuing safety, proficiency and excellence, we’re dedicated to better ourselves and create the win-win situation.

    Therefore, we’re grateful for the current and soon to be customers, and hoping to work and grow together as an indispensable business partner.

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    The hardware processing ramming is a kind of higher order ramming technology, and it can stabilize the quality and quantity of the product after the ramming.

    No matter the product is real roundness , concentricity , or parallelism , the specialized ramming processing production is completed simply once. It does not need to alter and fix again and again.

    No matter the hardware ramming processing is single punch press or deep drawing press product with better extensibility, or the ramming processing product that compound die and the progressive die need, our company’s facilities and techniques can meet the requirements.

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